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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Peace in mind,Peace in life..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fantastic Friday at UEM architecture school

Both of the guest professors, well  known Architects were very generously approached the presentations of students at the first session started in room C116  at 10:30.They were thoughtful, constructive, interested, open and fully focused.
Their comment and critiques definitely had the content to be a clear conducive instruction for those who had the opportunity to present.
Architect Christian Kerez's focus on space and architect Abril's spontaneous focus on structure and space relation were inherent signs from their approach of work,that we could see in their works.
Students having such contributor jury members, no need to mention the tremendous knowledge and experience the jury have,presenting projects in such ingenuous ambient, surely gained a pushing forward experience.This and similar interactive critiques will be a strong experiment for the final graduation projects.

The second activity of the day that  took place at 4pm in the same room, was an interesting dialogue between two architects coordinated by architect Pedro Pablo Arroyo. Initiated by architect Kerez indicating the relation of engineering and architecture along the way the civil engineer and architects phenomenal relation.Architect Kerez's idea that architecture should be handled only as it is architecture nothing else, is a strong and neatly base of his philosophy.His emphasis on space and spatial outcome of architectural work could be clearly seen in his works.On the other hand architect Abril had more inherent emphasis on structure at the very immediate talks of engineering side of architecture..

Well along the dialogue one could ask about the Architect and Engineer..that, should it be the same person! Should education of architects cover the engineering subjects as well? Maybe on the contrary it should definitely not be the same person having the all complex and contradict ideas in his/her head.
Architect Abril also mentioned the scale and degree of this two major working in a project describing the perspective and actual decision making moments and discussions.

The final part of the day was closed after Architects Kerez's extraordinary projects..
Very clear and strong style, attraction in the house project. His works has such clear, neat and sophisticated outcome that one immediately wants to experience the place and the feeling walking through.
Of course I did not want to ask the question that :who cleans the glass façade inside and outside..I suppose in Switzerland people have enough money for that and big companies for insurance...
After the presentation I was feeling like I had a fantastic dinner, feeding all innate feelings of mankind.His works was so inspirational and strong in content that we really enjoyed. 

For this well-rounded day , we should thank to all contributors of School of Architecture at UEM.